Our Services

Briefly our areas of competence are as follows:

1.  Auditing:

Though you may be familiar with the functions of the auditors, it is worthwhile noting that various laws of Zanzibar (e.g. Companys Law, Income tax Act, ZIPA Investment Act, some NGOs regulations and Donors requirements etc..) demands that all business concerns must keep proper books of accounts, and such books of accounts must be audited by Certified Public Accountants. Accounts prepared by any business entity cannot be relied upon by third parties e.g. bankers, prospective lenders, donors, sponsors, financiers, shareholders, tax departments etc. unless they have been audited by external auditors and auditors certificate issued to that effect. IMARA CONSULTANTS are available to take care of those auditing services.

2.  Accountancy and Book-keeping services:

Books of account are normally presumed to have been properly written up and the balance sheet drawn up before an audit commences. However some Institutions fail to keep proper books of account or the records could be incomplete. Therefore we are always available to fill in the gap, writing up the books, posting into ledgers, reconciling and draw up periodic financial statements and reports. To serve our clients better we have been applying different specialised accounting packages like QuickBooks, Tally, navision, Peachtree, Sun system, Fidelio etc..

3.  Consultancy services:

Some of our members are registered tax Consultants by the Commissioner of Income Tax of Tanzania Revenue Authority; thus we would avail our experience being your tax consultants on all your Companys and personal taxation matters concerned. This is an important area considering the facts that our tax laws are subject to frequent changes almost every year there are new finance Acts, thus we act as co-ordinators and mediators between the tax authorities and the tax payers. We never encourage tax evasion and tax avoidance but we do tax planning to help our clients pay what they deserve in efficient and timely manner to ensure maximum compliance to the laws. We also undertake consultancy services on various management consultancy activities, Internal auditing services, financial management, Project write up; evaluation and appraisals, trainings on computerized accounting using various accounting software, etc.

4.  Corporate secretarial, licencing and Other Services:

We do undertake the incorporation of new companies and business names, follow-ups and obtaining their licensing procedures as well as taking care of filling the Companys annual statutory returns to the registrars office in accordance with the requirements of the Company statute and related laws and regulations. We do also offer other various secretarial and management services as per the customers request such as computerisation, budgeting, cash flows, writing up feasibility studies and project appraisals, System design etc. Some companies fail on the way and become insolvent; we do therefore offer liquidation services to wind up those companies.